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The levitating, gravity-defying smart camera that communicates virtually and patrols your home

Author: Moon by 1-Ring

Contributor: Jean-Que M. Dar, Partner & Larry P. Lindonmier, Partner @ IP Precise | Intellectual Property Prosecution & Innovation Law

IP Precise Client Relevance: New Tech Innovative Technology – IP Precise Business Manager: Jean-Que M. Dar & Larry P. Lindonmier

The past few years have introduced a new trend which has turned regular items into gravity-defying wonders. These magnetically infused levitating powers have extended to embrace household objects such as clocks, lightbulbs, turntables and bluetooth speakers. This has resulted in the creation of some interestingly weird phenomena with gadgets like the floating cloud lamps and a computer mouse that hovers over a mouse pad. The most recent device to materialize onto the scene is the Moon.

The moon– a smart camera that boasts of a broad variety of extra features, stands out in efficiency and functionality. Perhaps, the most notable function of the Moon is its potential to serve as a smart security monitor. With both sound and motion detection abilities, the device is capable of sending a direct live feed to your smartphone should it notice something amiss in your house in your absence. This amazing feature allows the Moon to cleverly incorporate two-way communication to avert danger or create awareness, depending on the need. Hence, it makes it possible for one to yell remotely at intruders or politely inform loved ones that they are on their way home.

The inventors of the Moon, 1-Ring, are promoting the Moon as a central Smart Hub, with the capability to connect all home appliances with a central support system geared toward an amazing spectrum of home automation standards. The device is compatible with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, and a wide selection of apparatuses and mediums which include Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. Additionally, the system is enhanced to communicate through Z Wave, Zigbee and IR Blaster protocols, as well as through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Additionally, the device is furnished with a 5-megapixel camera that can record video up to 1080p, and contains a range of temperature, humidity, light and CO2 sensors. It also possesses night vision capability, three noise-canceling microphones, and wirelessly charging capabilities, all while levitating.

Regarding the levitation, what is the hype all about? The inventors claim that this is beyond just a visual gimmick, which allows for smooth, stabilized image control across a full 360 degrees. The question remains, is this any smoother than a simple revolving non-levitating camera? Although we may not be sure, the levitating design is undoubtedly profound, which is ultimately the real point here.

In comparison to other smart cameras on the market, such as the Nest Cam, the Moon is definitely a pretty stylish smart hub which claims wide functionality and makes for a broad internet-of-things integration. With a starting cost of US$217, as currently selling on Indiegogo, and an estimated final retail price of $330, the system is a relatively competitive smart camera, even without the levitating attraction.

To learn more about this venture Contact Jean-Que M. Dar, Equity Partner at IPPrecise for more details.

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