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Largest Private-Equity Firm in the World Provides Casual Work Space for employees

Author: Business Insider

Contributor: IP Precise | Intellectual Property Prosecution & Innovation Law

Innovation Industry: Innovation Funding

Blackstone one of the world's leading investment firms has provided a casual workspace filled with wonderful amenities for the company's tech team Blackstone Innovations; across the street from its New York headquarters. These amenities range from lunch tables which can be turned into pool tables, as well as standing desks, and treadmills which are installed throughout the office.

CTO of Blackstone Innovations worked directly with the architects to design the new office and was adamant on making his team happy, by giving the space a homey feeling and exceeding their expectations.

Often in rivalry with the likes of Google, LinkedIn and Facebook when it comes to recruiting and retaining tech talent Blackstone realized that it's employees yearned for a comfortable and quiet space after conducting a survey. They created lunch tables which could transform into pool tables; conference rooms that could open up into common space; situated desks near windows so natural light could shine through; and a dressing room for when one needs to switch from the casual dress code to business attire.

To learn more about this innovative workspace Contact Jean-Que M. Dar, Equity Partner at IPPrecise for details.

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