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Drug-Delivering Microrobots are soon to be a Reality

IP Managers: Drexel University

Author: New Atlas

Contributor: IP Precise

New ways of delivering medication are always being developed by scientists. Currently, at Drexel University in Philadelphia, researchers are working on, developing tiny bead-shaped robots controlled by magnetic fields.

Sounds very sophisticated doesn't it, like something from a sci-fi movie. Swimming through the body these micro robots will be delivering medication to the desired location in the body. Over the years scientists around the world have been working hard and continue to make significant strides toward making this a reality.

This concept is not completely new; in the past we've seen a University of California, San Diego project, which made use of magnetically propelled helical microswimmers. Built upon the same idea, Drexel University's project is propelling a tiny robot swim team administered through the veins to deliver medicine inside the body, by using a magnetic field.

According to the Drexel team, using magnetic fields to push these tiny robots inside the body is a good fit, because it allows these microbots to travel long distances with the least possible effects on a patient's health.

The University's research also affirms that the flexibility of bead-like robots could make them a good fit for administering drug delivery through the veins as well as many other benefits. There's still more work and tests to be done to see if these tiny robots can actually wiggle their way precisely where it's needed.

To learn more about this drug-delivering tiny robots, contact IPPrecise. Full details of the team's work are published in the journal Scientific Reports as well and you can check out the video below, to see the microrobots in action.

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