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Functional OLED Electrodes from Graphene Created for the First Time

Manager: Jean-Que M. Dar

Author: New Atlas

Contributor: IP Precise

IP Precise Relevance: LVCS innovative technology

It has been possible to produce functional translucent OLED electrodes from graphene, for the first time by the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP from Dresden.

Not only is graphene flexible, extremely robust, stable and transparent it is particularly conductive for electrical current and heat. Higher quality touch screens (screen would not break when cell falls down), fast response times, full-colour screens and more efficient solar cells could all be benefits of this new technology. All of the mentioned makes it a perfect miracle material for the upcoming generation of electronic devices.

This is the first display to incorporate OLED technology, however it is not the first flexible display to use graphene in it's structure.

Dr. Beatrice Beyer, project leader at the Fraunhofer Institute, states that this is "a real breakthrough in research and integration of extremely demanding materials." She believes that first products could be launched in two to three years.

Graphene is used in many things such as conductors, high-tech textiles, and electronic devices. It can also be used to improve the longevity of medical devices and other products.

We believe this research may lead to developments in various areas. To learn more contact IPPrecise.

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