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Underwater Robots Take a Leap

Author: PowerVision

Contributor: IP Precise

PowerVision is a company based out of Beijing that develops underwater drones. The company has created a submersible drone that uses sonar to detect fish. The drone not only has a blue light to lure fish, but also a camera, which streams all the action back to the boat. How cool is that?

The PowerRay uses a (optional) sonar attachment to detect fish up to 40 meters away, and can dive 30 meters below the surface

In the past, many drones have been designed to venture beneath the water to perform search and rescue operations. Plenty of gadgets are out on the market, aimed at bringing a technological advance to vessels, such as features that alert your phone when there's action under the sea.

The PowerRay has the ability to integrate fish identification into these images along with alerts

With the capability to transmit video signals through water, the PowerRay has its own Wi-Fi system which transmits live video and photo to the user's smartphone. Bait can be attached to the PowerRay and the drone can be sent off to the desired location to attract fish. If one is looking for a bit more excitement consumers have an additional option to purchase a set of PowerVision VR Goggles which allows the drone to be controlled by the direction of the user's head.

PowerRay will be available worldwide for pre-order on February 27, 2017, and the price is to be announced. Learn more, contact IPPrecise or visit PowerVision.

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