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Grow Life After Death Life - Smart Urn


Inventors: Roger Moline and Gerard Moline

IP Business Portfolio Manager: Jean-Que M. Dar

Bios Incube is a smart, sustainable urn of the future: plant a loved one’s cremated remains, and watch a tree grow with the help of an app-synced facilitator.

This is an expansion of the Bios Urn, a plantable, biodegradable urn that holds a loved one’s remains. The Urn is planted inside the incubator, a large, somber, white planter. A smart sensor, placed on the soil’s surface, will start tracking conditions for the plant to grow, including temperature, light exposure, and moisture levels in both atmosphere and soil. The sensor sends data to a smartphone app so that the plant can always be monitored.

The Bios Incube includes a three-gallon water tank that can sustain the plant for an average of 20 days. The incubator will water the plant automatically when it senses low hydration levels. The incubator monitors the most essential elements needed for a seed to grow into a plant, and ensuring a long, enduring life after life (as the tagline for the Bio Incube goes).

Bios Incube wants to offer a way to commemorate the dead in a natural and sustainable way:

The Bios Incube has been designed for city dwellers with limited access to natural land, those seeking an alternative to traditional burials, and for people who want to meaningfully connect with their loved ones who have passed away.

Bios Incube founders want to help change the way users think about death and grief in a way that supports the environment and fostering new life. Once a tree is grown, it can be moved to a natural place like a forest or yard, and left to thrive. The Bios Incube can then be reused to plant a new tree. If you do get attached to the tree that sprouted from a loved one, it can also remain in the planter.

The Bios Incube is available for backers on Kickstarter, with the early bird special starting at approximately $390 dollars.

Watch Bios in action:

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