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The World's First Artificial Intelligence Personal Robot "Changes Everything"

She is capable of virtually anything. And we mean that literally. The artificial intelligence ("ai") robot is capable of acting like a personal assistant, executive assistant, stylist, security guard, photographer and telepresence.

The ai Personal Robot, developed by New York-based startup Robotbase, is described by its creators as a "revolutionary product that changes everything".

The robot uses deep neural networks to enable natural language understanding, image recognition, navigation and machine learning.

It is also able to work in conjunction with connected devices like the smart thermostat Google Nest, as well as apps including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

"Since i was a kid watching the Jetsons, i always dreamed of having my own personal robot around the house," Robotbase CEO Duy Huynh told IBTimes UK. "Now, that dream comes true.

"I have an amazing team of hardware engineers, software engineers, mechanical designers, and creative designers working with me to build the world's first personal robots."

IP Business Portfolio Manager: Jean-Que M. Dar

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Watch her in action:

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