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Translate Animal Thoughts Into Human Language -- No More Woof


Congratulations to our clients, partners and colleagues at the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery ("NSID").

Now we can understand our lovely fido's! Properly titled, NO MORE WOOF is a doggie headset that can read animal brainwaves and translate them into human speech! How cool is this?

The Technology

No More Woof uses EEG sensors to monitor the brainwaves of a dog. After being placed on the head of a dog, the headset can interpret and read signals which then interpret the mental status of the dog such as fatigue, hunger, and excitement. The information is then sent to a microcomputer where it is processed and translated into English through a speaker.

The innovation was launched on Indiegogo with a set goal of $10,000 to innovate the project. To date, the project has raised $22,664.

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See NO MORE WOOF in action

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