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Wearable Ring - Controlling Device

In 2014, IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, predicted that innovators would flood the market with some of the newest technologies within the tech-wearables industry. With over hundreds of millions of new weable technologies in the market, the IDC was spot on.

@IPPrecise, we get excited to see wearable concepts come to life and see the products of our clients reach the marketplace.

One innovation which is creating a big buzz is RING ZERO.

A device designed to get things done by the flick of your finger (literally) Ring Zero is quite magical. The Ring lets you do stuffs just by writing patterns in the air and it connects to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 7, Android 4.4 and Windows Phone, via the Bluetooth. Once you have connected the device, it lets you manage them using gestures.

Ring only detects the movement of the finger that is inside and identifies the gesture being made. You can perform gestures regardless of time or place.

Purchase RING ZERO.

Whatever your idea, whatever your budget - we develop innovations from Conception to Marketplace. Click here to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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