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Refillable Water Bottle Turns Air Into Water


Congratulations to Kristof Retezár (creator)

The Fontus is a water bottle which actually converts air into water. The invention extracts humidity from the air and condense it into drinkable water.

The Fontus is portable and can even be attached to a bike. Despite where a consumer travels, the purpose of the Fontus is so that cyclists can have access to water or generate water during long-distance commutes where water maybe limited.

The invention uses the basic principle of condensation, which can be easily demonstrated by taking something out of a refrigerator (for instance, a can of soda) and leaving it on the kitchen counter for a bit. Eventually, you'll notice moisture collecting on the sides of the object.

Learn more about Fontus. See Fontus in action below.

Pre-Order the invention here on Indiegogo.

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Watch Fontus in action:

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