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from Conception to Marketplace


Establish Proprietorship

We establish and enforce ownership rights. Intellectual property is a major asset of almost every business, and a sophisticated strategy to secure, manage and enhance its value can be critical to a company’s success.   


Idea to Reality





There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an idea or concept transformed into reality. Our IP team is experienced in all phases of prosecution throughout the world.  



Practice Group



Utility Patent Prosection

Design Patent Prosecution

Trademark Prosecution

Copyright Prosecution 

Domain Prosecution  





We offer a full range of innovation services relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property and technology assets. These services include counseling and handling transactions on engagements involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, outsourcing, privacy and data security. 


The biggest innovative challenge is establishing ownership and enforcing this claim of proprietorship around the globe.  At IP Precise, we a combine the Business Formation + Patent Prosecution + Trademark Prosecution + Copyright Prosecution + Innovation Development and outline an impenetrable global ownership strategy.


Our intellectual property practice promptly responds to clients’ questions and concerns and keep them informed of all phases of innovation development throughout the world.  We work around the clock directly with our clients, regularly discussing key legal issues and developments to create the strongest and most efficient defenses possible in complex trademark and copyright infringement cases. 


We retain the best IP Lawyers to prosecute your inventions.

IP Patent Drawings
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