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The world has changed. To remain competitive does not only require ownership but a strategic plan of development to maintain capital and supremacy in the field. 



Is Our Specialty





You conceive it.  We will design it, draft exclusive ownership rights, get to production and on the market.  See some of our current futuristic designs from clients. 

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IP Precise Futuristic Design6
IP Precise Futuristic Design2
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Practice Group



We are experienced in the success of reshaping our future.  We develop and outline some of the world's premier innovations in the marketplace.  



Our Innovation practice is unlike any other in the world. We equip clients to become innovators and entrepreneurs who successfully navigate and influence the directions of their innovation to expand and shape their industry throughout the world.


 The legal services industry and legal education are all undergoing unprecedented transformations as a result of rapid social, economic and technological changes.  


We examine the interface between technology and innovation governance.  We ensure that our team and resources are responsive to those social, cultural, economic and technological developments that have consequences for, influence or are shaped by innovation in its various forms.  


Our multi-faceted and interdisciplinary research team primarily focuses on intellectual property, technology, software, new age innovation, retail and clothing design, athletic equipment, cyberlaw, and privacy, as well as telecommunications and biotechnology.  


We are an Innovation Firm skilled in Intellectual Property prosecution. 


IP Precise is not a law firm.  We provide Intellectual Property prosecution support. Click here to see Law Firm v. IP PRECISE



Futuristic Designs
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