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Changes in the innovation market – and in client expectations – are key significant shifts within the innovation industry. Before development, we provide a complete global action plan with a complete go to market strategy for each phase of the innovative venture.


Our strategic innovation roadmaps guide our clients in their overall direction.  In some instances, we work with our clients as equity partners to develop an innovation ensuring their success.  


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We are a full-service Intellectual Property Firm for small and major businesses.  We apply small entity rates to businesses of 500 or fewer employees. Bring us your concept, we’ll get it to the marketplace with the proper business structure, a solid marketing plan, IP protection steps outlined and assets protected all to fit any budget.  


IP Precise is not a law firm.  We provide Innovation Law and Intellectual Property support. Our staff is comprised of Attorneys, Business Managers, Engineers, Patent Agents and Paraprofessional Business and Legal Paralegals to support your innovation.  


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As of May of 2016, we represent over hundreds of the world's best in innovative new technologies.  Given our Top Rated monthly retainer schedule which fits any innovation budget, we are selective in who we retain as clients.  To accommodate the immense demand for our services, we engage clients in three simple steps.  We want to make the best use of our clients’ time and resources, focusing on providing top-quality services. Please take a look at what you can expect from us, and what we will expect from you in return.  


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STEP 1: Free Initial Consult


Contact our office to schedule a free consultation with an experienced professional.  During this consult, we will cover:


  • Our Firm, How We Work, and be of service;

  • The entire process from Conception to Marketplace and the fee’s typically involved;

  • Does your innovation already exist and the likelihood of its success; and

  • Determine the technical needs to successfully get your concept to market. 

STEP 2: The Precise Consult 
Known best for our IP Advocacy and strategic planning on Capitol Hill (Washington DC), the Precise Consultation is required to retain our Firm to commence services as we examine and provide an in-depth analysis on your innovation.  Whether we are retained or not, the Precise Consultation provides a complete innovation roadmap regarding the corporate formation and partnership requirements, entity formation, and structure, Intellectual Property outline as it pertains to Patent, Trademark, and Copyright ownership. We request completion the Precise Questionnaire for this consult which examines your current business and marketing position.  Once completed, the precise steps needed to succeed are provided.  This includes:


  • An in-depth analysis of your primary business needs and goals to get your concept on the ground to start making capital;
  • A domestic and foreign intellectual property road map and timetable focused solely on your technical innovation.  This includes IP Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Counseling where applicable as a whole;
  • Business Enterprise development and strategic counseling as it pertains to Business partnerships and corporation and company structured mergers and/or acquisitions; and
  • A targeted one to three-year innovation strategy guided by our conception program which has helped much pays for their IP services.


If further questions remain after the consult, you are welcome to schedule a complimentary follow-up consult.  Our IP Advocates take strong pride in helping small businesses succeed in building a strong tomorrow, today.   

STEP 3: Engagement 
Once satisfied with The Precise Consult, an invitation to join the Firm may be extended.  Innovations do not simply join us as clients, but also as Advocates. Many of our clients are fully engaged in the IP process and realize how much work needs to be done on the federal level.
At this stage, we begin the full implementation phase of your innovation and provide you with a detailed guide on exactly what your IP innovation should mirror based on past successful innovations. The guides we provide will be your business manuals for the years to come.  It is important to note, all small entity clients are placed on a monthly retainer. To see if your innovation qualifies as a small entity, please visit: UNITED STATES PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE – SMALL ENTITY COMPLIANCE GUIDE, JAN 18, 2013.
IP Precise is not a law firm.  We provide Intellectual Property prosecution support. Click here to see Law Firm v. IP PRECISE

* NOTE: IP Precise is NOT a law firm.  We provide consulting services in Innovation Law and Intellectual Property support. 

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