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Our International Practice Group has a unique strength and unparallel access to Asian, Canadian, European, Latin American, and Central American governments and companies.  This allows new and preexisting innovators to have the research and access to the global market through our foreign colleagues. 










Larry P. Lindonmier

Intellectual Property Business Portfolio Manager


EXPERT FUN FACT: Larry concentrates his practice in tech IP. He represents clients in complex new tech and securities IP prosecution matters, contract disputes, regulatory enforcement actions and general business patent and trademark prosecution. His commercial experience includes all stages of IP prosecution, from pre-litigation dispute resolution through appeal. He has extensive experience representing clients before state and federal courts, in local and international arbitrations, in mediations and before numerous regulatory agencies.


Practice Group



Legislative Representation

Innovation Advocacy

Coalition Formation

Compliance Regulation

Corporate Management

Government Relations 

Cross Boarder Transactions 




IP Precise works on behalf of clients as an integrated, multidisciplinary team of both technical and strategic professionals. Our contacts and partners in innovation law and reform are located in Washington D.C..  This allows us to navigate the challenges posed by the interplay of laws, public policy, regulation, competition, and economic trends across the fields regulated by the federal government, state and local jurisdictions, the European Union, and other international jurisdictions.


We have a structured bipartisan based government affairs practice. Our professionals have decades of experience working in and with the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. We are uniquely qualified to ensure that our clients receive the best substantive and political resources in working to promote their innovations and their interests. 

IP Precise is not a law firm.  We provide Intellectual Property prosecution support. Click here to see Law Firm v. IP PRECISE

BENG: Global Expansion

IPPrecise is dedicated to 

expanding the Business & Intellectual Property Portfolio

of our clients despite governmental bureaucracies.  


We create expert legal panels to examine the needs of global expansion in foreign jurisdictions where the innovation may have challenges. 

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