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We provide complete Film Business Production assistance from Pre-Production to Post-Production to the distribution of the film. This includes complete legal protection and film production business engineering services which include Formation of the Production Company to Intellectual Property Ownership to Contractual Services. Our practice delivers superior services to all types of productions guaranteed to fit any type of budget. 



Services Offered






PHASE I.  Administration & Structure


Designed to properly setup each Production Company, we oversee the complete Administration phases for each production from Pre-Production to Post-Production to the Distribution of the film.  This includes: 

  • Formation of Production Company (includes multistate Registration in U.S.)

  • Creative Management Assignments

  • Registration and/or Application for Film Permits

  • Supervise Production Record Forms and Management

  • Production Tracking

  • Production Necessities Checklist

  • Production Crew Requests (Art Dept., Location, Makeup, Technical, Wardrobe, etc)

  • Digital Copy of All Reports, Agreements and Paper Statements



PHASE II: Contracts


Establishing the legal framework of any Production is essential.  This includes the asset protection, management, review and revise, and/or drafting of:

  • Union Agreements (AFTRA, DGA, DGC, GCFC, IATSE, SAG, WGA and WGC)

  • Executive Producer Agreements

  • Co-Production/Development Agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Writer Collaboration Agreements

  • Joint Copyright Owner Agreements

  • Deal Memo’s for Cast & Crew (Employment Contracts)

  • Oversee Injury, Illness, and Grievance Reports

  • Actor, Stunt and Performer Authorization, Contract and Release Forms

  • Management of Release Consents (Talent, Groups, Extra’s, Location, Musician, Cinematography, etc.)

  • Superintend Original Film Soundtrack

  • Cast and/or Crew Instant Dismissal Authorization

  • Safety Hazard, Inspection and Breakdown Reports

  • Press Release Overview


PHASE III. Accounting & Financing


We take the hassle out of the setup and dissolution of a Production Bank Account.  In addition, we manage all the receipts, invoices and payments with our unique Precise Film Accounting Department designed to lessen the financial structure of the Company.  This includes:

  • Production Charges Record

  • Production Order(s) Management

  • Petty Cash Maintenance

  • Time Card/Weekly Payment to Employees and/or Cast and Crew

  • Check Payment Request

  • Promissory Note

  • Mileage Log and/or Passenger List

  • Notice of Assignment by Account Debtor

  • Production Cash Advance Management

  • Execution of Deal Memo’s


PHASE IV. Taxation


Production companies are required to file an annual federal income tax return and a state income tax return for all states in which the company did business.  In some cases, a state tax return must be filed even if there was no activity within the state.  In some States, other taxes and deadlines may apply, depending on the nature and type of business activity transpiring.

Our Firm is well versed in Legal Entity Formation to avoid penalties and interest to avoid missing or filing late tax returns and annual reports with the State departments.  Our experience has allowed us to identify all filing requirements before forming or registering a company to do business within a state.


PHASE V. Rental Equipment and Insurance


When filming, there are hundreds of matters that may affect the outcome of your Production.  We provide the security nets and resources to ensure the best coverage for those unexpected occasions.  Weather, faulty equipment, and accidents are just a few of the things that could go wrong.  To prevent financial loss and ruin, we securely manage all items of the Production company with the best possible coverage of your choice to fit your budget.

  • Production Location Administration (Agreement, Survey, Information Sheet, Location Release, Scouting Report, etc.)

  • Production Vehicle Inspection Forms for all vehicle types

  • Insurance Claim Records (Vehicle Accident, Damages, Personal, etc.)

  • Rental Equipment Inventory and Management

  • Insurance Company Selection


PHASE VI. Intellectual Property: Trademark and Copyright Services


Before a film can be released, Intellectual Property consulting is a must not to infringe on a Trade name already in commerce and to protect the rights of the Film.  We will extend the following Intellectual Property registrations at no additional cost.

  • One (1) U.S. Trademark Registration 

  • One (1) U.S. Copyright Registration

  • One (1) U.S. Trademark Assignment Registration

In addition, we manage the Intellectual Property, review, and revise, and drafting of existing and/or new:

  • License Agreements (Film Clip, Literary, Master Use (TV), etc.)

  • Release Forms (Depiction, Guestbook, Still Photo, Artwork, Minor, Use of Copyright and Trademark Protected Material, etc.)


PHASE VII.  Website Construction & Mobile App Development


In today’s age of technology advancement, the correct technological marketing platforms are essential for any Production Company.  Our Firm has a complete Technology, Systems and Information division designed to bring and keep conceptions dated with modern technology.


We provide the following for each Production Company per Title:

  • One (1) Premium High-End Website Integrated with a mobile device platform to be accessible for portable devices.  (Online Rental and Purchases available upon request)

  • One (1) Premium Mobile App

  • One (1) Logo


Service Guarantee


We have a strong reputation for serving and protecting the best interests of our clients allowing them to express their creativity with peace of mind, knowing that they are covered for the unexpected.  Depending on the type of project, we can meet the budget of any Project.


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Film Consultation here:

Film Production Business Engineering & Legal General Counsel Consultants to Filmmakers and Individuals involved in all areas of the Entertainment Industry


We are the only full-service Business-Production and Legal Services entity in Hollywood, CA available for all Filmmakers whether big or small. We provide counsel and film business strategic consulting services from Development to Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and the Distribution phase of the filmmaking process. By the time a project is complete, productions will have: 


Contractual Agreements for all Phases of the Production


Administration, Accounting Documents Digitalized


Premium High-DEF Website with an Online Store for Marketing & Purchases


Premium High-DEF Mobile App available for mobile device platforms for Rentals and Film Purchases


Intellectual Property Trademark & Copyright Portfolio


Production Tax & Reporting just for the Film


We service all types of filmmakers, which include independent, major motion picture, students and the like. Our services extend to foreign filmmakers as well. There are no requirements for us to commence Film Production services; non-U.S. Citizens are welcome. 


We provide complete representation during the entire production of the film. From Conception to Marketplace, leave the film paperwork to us. Included in one (1) full package is our full representation outlined in seven (7) phases for each client below.