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from Conception to Marketplace



We are leaders in corporate asset management, enterprise expansion and transactions, we have represented many of the world’s largest companies, including some of the Fortune 250, in their most high-profile deals.    








We have clients located in 33 countries. Foreigners contact us to form a U.S. business, start a new innovation, file patent or trademark applications in the U.S., manage their IP global portfolio, open new stores and acquire new businesses. 



Practice Group 



Corporate Governance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Emerging Business

Angel Financing

Partnership Enterprises 





We find precisely the right solutions for your company—ones that create value and keep you properly staffed and fully informed.  


Our low-leverage business model allows clients to have direct access to experienced professionals. We handle small to large complex business matters from large-scale to cross-border transactions.  


As innovations emerge, our goal is to get your startup safely off the ground, we work directly with you to staff your project the way you want and with the support you need for success at all stages.  Each project undergoes a complimentary initial consultation to ensure we understand your business goals and priorities and to help us align our team to ensure your success.


We are enthusiastic about developing alternative business strategies to fit any business budget so we are confident we define our success based upon our ability to support yours.   

BENG: Global Expansion
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