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from Conception to Marketplace



Innovators from around the world come to us to develop and launch their concepts.  Clients partner with us on transformative deals, complex IP and business regulatory matters, software technology and new age mobile tech.  Our success is proven by the accomplishments of our clients.  


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We consult individuals and companies in all phases and aspects of state and federal Intellectual Property and Business Enterprise.


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We prosecute all phases of domestic and foreign innovative products in the new age of modern technology and advancement.   



Our fundraising strategy meets today's new age of technology. We are skilled in Kickstarter campaigns, pitch decks and we travel to pitch investment presentations all over the world.  



We are known for the maintenance of domestic and foreign post-grant patents, trademarks and copyright.



Our IP prosecution group excels at delivering winning strategies in high-stake disputes including patent, trademark, copyright and licensing.



Once developed, our clients are located in just about every developed country in the world.  Our reach overseas is endless.



We are seasoned crisis counselors to corporate clients in high-profile and often high-risk situations. We counsel on regulation, shareholder communication, best practices and more.



We work with trailblazing startups to launch some the world's most dynamic new ventures and push them forward.



From pre-production to post, we handle all aspects of the development of indie and major motion pictures.


IP Precise offers a full range of Innovation and Intellectual Property prosecution services in the United States ("U.S.") and abroad in recognized World Intellectual Property Organization countries.  We are an INNOVATION FIRM, not to be confused with a law firm.  We operate in the same business capacity as a corporate law firm.  However, our Firm is solely designed to Innovate ideas, products, and innovations from Conception to Market to make capital.  .Our staff is comprised of Attorneys, Business Managers, Engineers, Technical Agents, Patent Agents and Paraprofessional Business and Legal Paralegals to support your innovation.  We do not provide criminal defense services.

Ask about our 2023 Crypto Intelligence Practice.


 IPPRECISE is an Innovation Firm comprised of an array of business professionals formed to engage solely in the innovation process.  We provide patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution support comprised of innovation experts, business professionals, lawyers, corporate executives, and financial advisors.  In terms of innovation and intellectual property support, our consultation level is more advanced than the services of a law firm. Innovators need only us to get their concept to market.  Click here to see Law Firm v. IP PRECISE


Clients retain our innovative services to protect their ideas, form their companies, and develop their products.  Despite the needs of an innovation, we have the expertise and the manpower across the seven continents to get any product to market.  Through a long-established network of leading foreign intellectual property firms, we are committed to being the best in the industry of innovation development.   


We serve as IP Portfolio Business Managers.  As Managers, we retain and Counsel on the corporate and financial structure of an innovation, prosecute patent, trademark, and copyright matters and consult on retail alliances.  Our clients are life long entities as we consult on an as-needed basis.   


For start-ups and mature businesses alike, our global services are designed to meet the cutting edge of the innovations of tomorrow as we challenge futuristic innovations into reality. 


Innovations can be used to fuel growth, expand into new markets, and attract major investments. While a robust patent portfolio can detail a company’s inventions and business objectives, the scope of coverage the patent portfolio affords can be extremely complex and difficult to understand.  Hence, our skilled manager's aid in the complete maintenance of each phase in the innovation and intellectual property industry.



Larry P. Lindonmier

Partner, Marina Del Rey


Innovation commercialization has changed dramatically.  Intellectual Property ("IP") law is designed to protect the creativity of inventors.  Nonetheless, innovations within the global market has expanded at such an alarming rate, international IP laws, despite jurisdiction, is overwhelmed with unsettled ownership and IP law issues. 


The lack of judicial influence has allowed the internet to fundamentally change the IP world and ownership rights.  In the past, the creation of content was easily protected.  Then would follow content licensing and production. However, advancements in innovation have separated the creativity of content from the production of content so largely that ownership can be unclear despite IP filings and final adjudications.


Ownership provides the power to capitalize and the autonomy to modify protected work without the fear of piracy.  Yet, IP law has grown seemingly one-sided in the regulation of rights by prosecution and examination delays.  This has resulted in an alarming increase in production and manufacturing piracy. From 3D printers (that generate, alter and duplicate) to synthetic biology printers (that create, modify and redefine), content production and manufacturing expenses have severely diminished owing to the increase in piracy caused by the lack of judicial reform within the IP prosecution process.   Despite new U.S. and amended IP laws (first-to-file), this alludes to the fact that before a concept can legally reach production and manufacturing, pirates have already stolen a concept and entered the market making capital.  



Moreover, as software tech developments rise to an unprecedented peak, major corporations continue to assert claims of ownership with structured policies marginalizing the rights of their employees.  At the same time, these major corporations manufacture and reproduce the products of their clientele (via their employees) to non-IP protected international communities.  We are not a law firm, we an Innovation firm specialized in Intellectual Property prosecution support.



IP PRECISE is more than a law firm.  We are a modern business entity of innovative intellectual property experts in product commercialization. We strategically innovate to deal with the consequences that may ensue, rather than suppress the creativity of our clients at the expense of our fast-pace marketplace and contemplated piracy that may exist.  Contact Us.

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We are dedicated to the success of our clients.   We routinely screen our methods through our practice surveys as we continue to improve our business model.


We value feedback and input from our clients.  After each teleconference or consultation, we may request feedback.



The Firm cannot ensure or promise the outcome of your innovation matters.  We make no such assurances or promise because each innovation is different.  Since 2006, our experience and client relationships speaks for itself.  If a particular outcome or result is not obtained, we will push until we have done our best to achieve a result.  We understand the risks involved in developing innovations; therefore, we cannot promise the innovation will be developed as requested or within a specific time frame.



Apart of our sustainability agenda and to increase our efficiency and responsiveness, we intend to use electronic communications including, email, wireless telephones, facsimile transfer, and other similar electronic communication devices. If you provide family member's, significant others, etc. access to these electronic devices, this may place your privileges at risk.  Therefore, we advise precaution and notice to prevent accidental or unintended disclosure from the family member, etc. to a third party.  Paper copies of our transmissions will not follow unless requested, at which time fees may be assessed. 

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